Monday, April 2, 2007

A weekend in the life of Mr.

Well, what a weekend. Kiat and I started out on Friday after work at Laurel Plaza where we went to met up with Jason, Britton, Amy and Mary. At least I think those where the girls names. They didn’t talk to Kiat and myself very much.

We stayed there for some (strong) frozen margaritas. Then everyone, but Kiat and myself, went to see a concert of some band I don’t know. Kiat and I then went to eat at Hank’s oyster bar. We got it into our heads that oysters would be the only thing that would do. Well, 48 oysters and two oyster shots (Thanks Ken) later we go to Jr’s to meet up with David and his friend Mary.

There’s a little bit of a story here. Jr’s had been closed to “redo the floors”, which they did do but everyone knew the real reason. They had served an underage person and the city closed them down for a bit. Friday was the first time they had re-opened and they were being super cautious. So, David’s friend Mary had an expired driver’s license and they actually checked out the expirer date. She couldn’t get in. Sooo… off the Halo we went.

We stayed there for a good long time, Mary got in no problem. I ended up leaving Kiat there and David and Mary came back to my place and stayed in the guest bed. We also got a pizza on the way home and ate most of it. David woke me up around 9 to say goodbye so he could make sure Mary got on her train to go home. Had a slow morning and decided to go shopping.

I had originally asked David if he would like to come to the mall with me and he did but he’s moving and had to stay at the house to wait for the Salvation Army to show up. Of course they came 5 hours later. I called Kiat and off we went. Now the only reason I wanted to go to the mall was to go to the Apple store and pick up the new Apple TV. Which I did. But. We ended up spending a lot of money. After the mall we went to Georgetown to the Diesel store, and get this, got parking right in front of it. That never happens. I got a pair of nice pants and Kiat purchased half the store. It turned into a 1k day for both of us. Eek.

After shopping we went and picked up David and Ken at Ken’s house and then went to Bistro Du Coin to meet up with Rick. We ate some very French food, shared a bottle of pink Champaign and then proceeded to go back to my house to sit on the deck and have drinks. A lovely time was had by all.

The next morning I made breakfast for Ken, David, Rick , Kiat and myself. Rick and Kiat went to Kiat’s house while David and Ken stayed in the guest bedroom. Just so you know Kiat lives across the street from me.

1 lb bacon

3 Rather obscene Italian sausages

Lots of mushrooms cooked in the bacon grease.


1 dozen eggs

Oh, yes, we also had mimosas and coffee. What we’re thinking of I don’t know. At some point Rick and Ken had to go. So David and Kiat and myself went out into the afternoon. And somehow made it to Jr’s for two dollar vodka. I stayed for a bit but then just got to the point where I was like “go home” “now”. Luckily it was still quite early and I got home in time to get a good night’s rest.

Dave comes home soon. Next Friday and I can’t wait. Let the countdown begin.

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