Monday, April 2, 2007

1st Blog stuff

Well, we’re off to Capetown soon. Kind of getting excited.
After the week I’ve had this week I need it.
It’s funny how everything goes tits-up at work as soon as your ready to leave for a bit. It’s almost as if the great cosmos thingy (God or whatever) out there wants to make you nervous that you might just not be able to go on your big trip. I’ve had our email systems at work go down, our mac systems go down and I’ve had to update all the servers for the new daylight savings time settings. Everything was working great for months before this week. What a pain.
I get to stop for a bit now. Hence the blog setup. I’m not messing with any setting on anything else at work before I go to Capetown. As it is, it looks like I’ll have to check-in\up on the computers while I’m there. I can’t wait until we get some more people.
I might go out with Rob and Mikko tonight for happy hour at Bar Rouge. It’s a cool hip place nearby that serves great drinks. We’ll see. Dave isn’t feeling the love for that endeavor so we might just hook up with them for dinner later. Don’t feel like having a huge night out. Getting kind of old for that and we have lots to do before the flight next Tuesday.
Ok, I know the first post is kind of lame but I’ve never done this before. Hopefully it will get more fun and interesting as I get better at it. Bye for now.

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