Saturday, April 14, 2007

Saturday April 14th, the weekend so far...

Saturday morning and here I sit with a banana and a cup of coffee. It’s 10:30 am and I’m waiting for my big Mac (G5) to finish copying over to a fresh Hard drive. I’ve decided to clean up our office and that means getting rid of the big Mac, the Mac server and moving everything around. I’m going to replace the server with a Mac Mini. These things are great, they take up no room whatsoever, they don’t put out too much heat and they’re quite. The computers that I have running now are way too loud and in the summer it will heat the office/guest bedroom up to an unbearable temperature. This is just the first step today, I still have to get the new mini and then move everything off of the old one onto the new one and then set the old one up as my web and mail server. This all takes time. We’ll be putting the big Mac on eBay. I’m amazed at how much people will pay for an old Mac. If I’m lucky, hopefully it’ll pay for the new Mac Mini.

We had dinner last night at Rory and Derrick’s. It was Ed, who is a person that we keep meeting there every so often and who I can never remember his name, Jim (who happens to be a world renowned economist and is retired from Cambridge), Sheila, Rory and Derrick and Dave and myself. It was quite a thought provoking evening. We were there from 8 until 11:30 so we had plenty to say. Topics ranged from Latin languages to missing the naked boy dancers in South East DC. And one particular story of Sheila's, who was a high powered big wig at some place, being taken out in Bangkok by one of the people who worked for her to a sex club to watch the live sex shows on stage. Seems because of her rank in the company the guy just treated her like a male collogue. She was mortified and talked about all she could do was look down and talk. So that explains a bit about how our dinner went last night.

We have our Russian friend Yevgenny showing up tonight at around 8pm. Dave and I already decided that we are going to let him go out and have a fab time without us. It can get sloppy when he comes to visit and we have way too much to do tomorrow.


Andy's Life said...

I love random free flowing conversations. Those tend to be the best!

And how could it possibly get sloppy with a russian!? :-P

Anthony said...

Is there ever a moment when you just chill on the sofa?!

HOw was the Italian lesson?

CKC123 said...

What's a sofa?

All kidding aside, I'm 40 now. Blink twice and I'll be 80. And then dead. I want to get as much in as possible before then.