Monday, April 9, 2007

As I sit here eating my oatmeal…

I’m thinking, this stuff is supposed to be good for you. That must be why I think it’s gross. The things I do to try to stay healthy.

The working out, not drinking and eating mostly vegetarian seems to be working only after one week. My trousers fit better and I feel thinner. I’ve been doing 50 minutes on the treadmill every day and I’ve been feeding Dave and myself things like veggie chili and beans and rice. I save my greens for lunch when I have a spinach salad. Now if I can just keep this up.

Exercise, don’t smoke, exercise, eat right, die anyway.

This weekend was pretty good and not as hectic as the last few. Lil’David came over and we watched Shortbus on Friday. I have to say I like this movie but it’s not a movie that you would take your mom to go see. It’s the next best thing to porno with a good story behind it. Very explicit sexual scenes, that actually helped the story along but man, it was porno. Go see it if you get the chance but not with parents or the auntie.

Saturday was Italian class and then we headed over to Rob and Mikko’s for a Brunch. We were late because of the class but everyone else got there around 1, we were there at around three. We had to stop and look at an open house which delayed us a little bit more. Well we didn’t leave Rob and Mikko’s house until about 12 while some people stayed on, lil’David being one of them. The next day, Sunday, Alex and lil’David came over for some veggie chili. The funny part was Dave and I were having no part of drinking anything else alcoholic this weekend. Lil’David Kept joking that he’s been having brunch since Friday night and that it hasn’t stopped. We got the vodka out for him but all I wanted was a little food and to curl up next to David on the couch. After dinner Lil’David headed out to JR’s to meet up with Michael Mathews, Kiat, Rick and whoever else was there. Dave and I wouldn’t touch JR’s with a ten foot pole at that point.

Speaking of curling up on the couch, we had a fire all afternoon because it was bloody cold here, still is. We’re expecting freezing weather again tonight. Charlotte North Carolina, where I’m from, broke and all time record for cold in April with a low of 24 F last night. Weird weather, we also had a layer of snow on the ground on Saturday. Which was very pretty because all the blossoms where out and had what looked like frosting on them. I will try to get some pictures that David took and post them.

We watched a German film Summerstrum (or in English Summer Storm) last night, why you ask? Well because our friend Andy (the one who’s living in India) while he was in Cape Town hooked up with this really cute German guy. The guy even slept in our apartment. He happened to be a director and has a film coming out with Kevin Costner next year. His name is Marcco and he directed Summer Storm. It’s a very good movie about gay coming of age and coming out. I’ve seen so many of them that I was kind of dreading this one. It was worth it though. If you get a chance, rent it.

Today is a weird day at the office. It’s not an official holiday in the states so everyone needs to work Friday and Monday. But people take it off as vacation time to do the family thing. There was no one on (these three words are strange to write together) the streets on the walk to work today and there isn’t anyone in the office yet. I have a few things to do so it will be good to have a quite day.


Anthony said...

Try heating your oatmeal then adding a little honey .. makes it taste MUCH nicer :-)

Finally, a weekend where you relax! I was getting tired from just reading what you get up to! You certainly have more energy then me!

Andy's Life said...

I LOVE oatmeal! Try adding some vanilla, cinnamon and chopped banana. It's Yum!

I'm glad you had a more chilled weekend. I hope you are saving up some energy for when I'm there! :-)

And Marco's next movie (Trade) stars Kevin Kline, not Costner. :-P