Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lots to talk about this time.

Computers at work.

Computers at home.

Mom coming for the weekend.

Dave and my 50 year retirement plan.

Fist off I got everything up and working - at work - yesterday. Finally. The last server was much kinder to me then the first. It still has a few kinks to fix (maybe) but it’s doing what we need it to do right now and that’s a good thing. Hopefully nothing like this will happen again for a long time. It makes my blood pressure go up until I tell myself no one will die because of this.

We also got some more good news - at work. We’re hiring the new guy from Ohio. He starts on May the 21st. Iyante is thrilled to death about this. It will defiantly help in the transition to off site server hosting that we’re talking about. She’ll also be able to get to some paper work that’s fallen behind. Keep your fingers crossed he works out.

Now for the home computers. It’s starting to get warm here and I can hear the old Mac that’s my server making a lot of fan noise. Usually I hear this at night when I’m trying to go to bed. So what did I do, I purchased another Mac Mini. I did it with a friend of mine’s help. He works in the apple store on the weekends and can get a decent discount of 25% off. The only problem was that it was a custom order so it had to be assembled and it just finally got released for delivery today after being ordered on the 21st. (no I’m not impatient). So it should show up tomorrow or Friday.

Once I get it I have to transfer everything from my old Mini to the new one (I use carbon copy cloner) and then wipe the old one and put Mac Os X server on it. I then need to setup iTunes again on both computers and get email and my website working on the New(OLD) Mac Mini server. Once this is done I can decommission the old Mac server and we’ll then have a nice quite and cool office to work in again. Now all I have to do is find the time to do this. I need to learn how to live without sleep, that would solve a lot of my time problems.

This segways into mom coming for the weekend. I’m very excited about it. Dave and I talked about going down for the weekend but figured it would be cheaper to have one person come here then to have two go there. And get this, the airfares to charlotte (an hour flight) cost $375 from DCA (downtown DC). We have mom coming into Baltimore on Saturday morning for $198. I’ll be picking her up. I don’t know what’s going on with the airlines but the prices now-a-days are insane! You get treated like crap and get charged twice as much for the pleasure.

Unfortunately Dave now has to go to Miami on Monday for a meeting on Tuesday. I’m going to see if I can work from home on Tuesday so I’m at least there while mom is in town, she goes back on Tuesday evening.

I think Saturday might consist of the Portrait gallery followed by Tapas at Jalao and then a quiet evening at home. We might get the Italian class in early if Stafani can do it early. Sunday I think we’ll just lay low until the evening when Alex comes back into town. We’ll do a nice simple dinner with him. On Monday Brett comes back and he’s supposed to come over for dinner. Dave will be leaving for Miami that day to so there should be lots of excitement in the air. Hopefully I’ll be working from home on Tuesday. We’ll then take mom back to BWI for her flight back.

All this and I still haven’t gotten to Dave and my plans to retire by the time he’s 50. That’s what we’ve been working on the last few days. I think we’ve about decided we can do it when I’m 50 but not when he is. We have a spread sheet out with all kind of scenarios, some involving not spending any money and not working, some involving spending money and working part time. It’s very much a moving target but one that I think we can manage. Dave is calling it the next 50 years plan.

I don’t like thinking about it but it’s good we’re doing it.

I use to wonder what the heck I would write about in a blog, now I can’t figure out when to shut up. Go figure.

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Andy's Life said...

So does adopting an adult son anywhere in the plans :-)