Friday, April 27, 2007

Busy weekend.......................Again.

Just for those of you who think we’re too busy. Here are the weekend plans so far…..

Tonight when I get home we’re going to study Italian until around 8. We tried to do it the last two evenings but work got in the way and by the time I got home I couldn’t focus on studying. After studying I’m dragging Dave out some place to eat. I don’t want to cook tonight at all. It will be an early night because of what we’re doing tomorrow.

Saturday morning Stefania is coming over to the house for an Italian lesion at 8 am, yes you read that right, 8 am on a Saturday. We’ll finish the class at 9:30 so she can make it to the school for her regular class. We’ll walk her over and pay for it there.

We then head off to Baltimore International Airport at around 10 to pick up mom. Her flight gets in a little after 11. On the way home we’re going to stop at Whole Foods and pick up dinner for a dinner party that I’ll be cooking for that night. Still not sure what I’m going to make but I’ll know when I see it. We’re having Tony and Kiat, Jon and John (hopefully), Mom and Dave and myself. So I’ll be spending most of the day cooking and talking to mom. I have an opening between the kitchen and the dining room so she can sit there and talk to me.

Sunday we’ll be figuring out accommodations for our trip to Rome, Italy in September. We’re still trying to figure out where to spend the most time and exactly what to do while there. We’ll be in Rome and Florence. Not sure if we want to do the hectic tourist thing or if we want to find a villa in Chianti and take it easy. I’m thinking the latter one for my mom and the hectic tourist thing for Dave’s mom. Conflict, I love it.

We also have Alex coming over for dinner Sunday night, I think I’ll invite Lil’David too, it’s a good chance for mom to meet some more of our friends. It will not be as elaborate as Saturday night’s dinner. More like comfort food that’s easy to make and good for you.

We had some good news I suppose. Dave is going to Jamaica early on Tuesday morning instead of Miami on Monday. Now he can be in the house while mom is there on Monday. I’m working from home on Tuesday so we’ll have someone there at all time. This makes me feel much better. Dave has to work in the morning but we’re talking about mom and him walking to Georgetown and meeting me for lunch on Monday. I like that idea.

And, you guessed it again, we have another dinner on Monday night. Brett is coming back into town after being away for a good long time(about a month it seems like). Now that Dave will be there too, it will be a nice sit around, chat and have dinner. I might have to put my foot down and “suggest” we go out. Since Brett is just getting back I’m thinking maybe meeting him closer to his house. He’ll be tired and it’ll be better for him and everyone else all around.

Tuesday, I’m working from home and that night I take mom back to BWI to go home. I might have my mac mini by then so I’ll have a project while Dave is gone. He’ll be back on Friday.

And you thought this would be a computer free blog entry. Hehe.

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