Monday, April 16, 2007

Another Drunken Brunch or the Day the Russians invaded….

Well, for all the intentions of being good this weekend it all went tits-up yesterday.

Evgenny come down late Saturday night. We were out eating at Mark and Orlando’s with Rob and Carlos and kept the table open for Evgenny and his posy. He had Cole and Dimitri with him when he arrived. The whole reason for them to come down was for Lil’David to take them to the club called 5. It’s mostly a progressive straight club. So, Lil’David shows up at the restaurant to meet everyone and we leave and end up going to our place for a night cap before they go to the club.

Dave and I were having nothing to do with staying out until ungodly hours clubbing.

I ended up making shots for the boys of vodka, triple sec, lime juice and Madori. They downed it and off they went. Rob, Carlos and Cole stayed over for a bit and we talked while sipping on the most amazing pear brandy. We ended up going to bed around one or two none the worse for wear. This is where I’m supposed to tell you how we got up early the next day and did productive stuff, well part of that is true.

I woke up at eight and couldn’t go back to sleep so I got up. Evgenny had come home around three or four, alone. Somewhere along the way he lost Dimitri. We found him later that morning but that’s another story. Dave and Evgenny stayed in bed and I did Sunday morning stuff, read the news paper, made coffee, got cleaned up and showered, that kind of stuff. Well after a bit everyone was up and we decided to do brunch. I got the bacon out of the freezer and started to thaw it. Dave went to the farmers market and got farm fresh eggs, French pastries and various juices and sparkling wine for mimosas.

Around 10:30 I started cooking. By 12:00 it was ready and Lil’David had show up with, you guessed it, Dimitri. We sent a text out to some more friends to come on over, Michael Torra was the only taker, Rob and Mikko decided to stay home and watch Shortbus and we never heard from Todd. I’m Glad Michael came over because he helped finish most of the food that was left.

Did I mention that we were also drinking this whole time, not lots but for a long period of time. The pear brandy is practically gone. To tell the truth I was a bit worried about Evgenny going home after all the brandy he drank. We did start having coffee later in the afternoon though.

We also played Jinga (sp?) and got trivial pursuit out but didn’t get around to actually playing it. So brunch started at 12:00 and kept going until about 9 that evening. Evgenny got another Russian friend, Misha, to come over and then they headed out to go back to Virginia Beach. I’m not sure why but Virginia Beach has a large population of Russians. Cole decided to go home too and Michael had to finish his taxes so he left also, so then there were three. At this point you would think it was over, but no. We had Sheila’s going away party to go to in Capital Hill.

So off in a cab Lil’David, David and I went. It was a great party and it was good to see Sheila before she left. We stayed for awhile, nibbled on the food and finished the white wine. (They ran out) Then home we came. I think I got to sleep before ten but I’m not really sure.

I’m feeling all the excitement catching up to me it today too.

All I really wanted to do was stay in bed all day. It doesn’t help that we have a nor’easter happening and it’s cold, wet and windy outside now. Bleagh….

After all this I forgot to say that it’s Emancipation Day here in the District. This day in 1862 Slavery became illegal in the District. All of the District government offices are closed along with schools. Lil’David has the day off because he works for the city. Here’s a quote about the Day from Wikipedia:

“The municipality of Washington, D.C., celebrates April 16 as Emancipation Day. On that day in 1862, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Compensated Emancipation Act for the release of certain persons held to service or labor in the District of Columbia. The Act freed about 3,100 enslaved persons in the District of Columbia nine months before President Lincoln issued his famous Emancipation Proclamation which presaged the eventual end of slavery to the rest of the nation. The District of Columbia Compensated Emancipation Act represents the only example of compensation by the federal government to free enslaved persons.

On January 4, 2005, Mayor Anthony Williams signed legislation making Emancipation Day an official public holiday in the District. Each year, a series of activities will be held during the public holiday including the traditional Emancipation Day parade celebrating the freedom of enslaved persons in the District of Columbia. The Emancipation Day celebration was held yearly from 1866 to 1901, and was resumed as a tradition and historic celebration in 2002 as a direct result of years of research, lobbying and leadership done by Ms. Loretta Carter-Hanes.”

The funny thing is that by having it on this day, it pushed Tax Day back to the 17th. So what our local government does can effect everyone in the nation, cool!