Monday, April 2, 2007

The Trip back.

Frankfurt, oh Frankfurt, oh how I love thee……

That was my feeling as soon as I set foot in the first class terminal. Mind you the flight wasn’t bad at all but there is some amazing calm at being in a first world country that I can’t explain.

I think my main gripe about the trip back was that Jo-Berg is a mess, totally. They put us on a bus to go to the plane, which was parked by a boarding ramp attached to the terminal. Why they didn’t use the boarding ramp I’ll never know. Lots and lots of people everywhere. I got there just in time to find the first class lounge, pee and leave for the plane. Next time to SA will be direct to Cape Town.

I’m missing Dave already. I got a text from him saying that he watched TV all night and that it was strangely quiet in the apartment. Wish I was still there. What a great time was had by all and so sad to be leaving it.

I have to say that I love Cape Town, so much so that I would move there and Drag Dave along. As we sat the last day at Salt eating lunch with Simon, I remarked that it was good to have Dave stay a bit and see what real life was like there. To which Simon responded “it’s exactly like this” as we sat and ate our amazing lunch. Oh to have that life.

Enough for now…..later.

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