Monday, April 2, 2007

Every day life starts to settle in.....

OK, so I’m not as miserable by the end of the week as I was at the beginning. All the jet lag is gone and I’m actually smiling at work again. Which is a good thing.

Bret had me over to his house for a mid-week dinner last night. The evening started out with Kiat coming over to my house to chat and have a glass of wine on the roof deck. It was an amazing evening, about 74 degrees and still sunny. We talked about the Cape Town trip until about 6:30 at which point I needed to make a mad dash to Bret’s house for dinner, stopping along the way to drop off clothes at the cleaners and buy a bottle of wine for Bret. No matter how much time you give yourself to get to Bret’s, you always need more. 30 minutes is just about right if you don’t have errands on the way. I was sweating buckets by the time I got there.

Dinner was great, Ken was there and we treated it like a school night. In other words I was headed home around 9ish after only drinking a little bit of (excellent) wine. All is good in the world and then Kiat texts me “we’re at Cobalt, stop in on the way back” So I did. And to my credit only stayed for two more drinks. I was at home and in bed by 10:30.

It’s Friday today so I’ll be heading out of work early and going over to Laurel plaza to meet up with, you guessed it, Kiat for happy hour. Little David will met up with us at some point and I think we’re going to go eat and then bar hop. It could be a very drunk evening. I need to be somewhat good because I have a few things I want to do tomorrow and one of them means getting up around 9.

Speaking of things I want to do tomorrow, I’m going to the Apple store in the mall and I’m going to get an AppleTV. If they have them in stock. This will be my big purchase for the month. Once I get it I should be entertained setting it up and connecting it all for at least 1 or 2 hours. LOL.

I’m off to lunch with my boss now.

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