Monday, April 2, 2007

Tuesday, and still Jet Lag!

Jet Lag, who knew it could take so long to get over? I’m still tired, going to try and workout tonight though. Sometimes that gives me energy.
Work has been interesting so far, most of the problems that I’ve fixed have come from the people off-site and most have to do with blackberries, oh my favorite of favorites.
I did get in trouble for miscalculating my vacation time by what I thought would be a little over a day under but turned out to be close to three days under. Can’t say Paul (My boss) was too thrilled about that, I wasn’t either. I don’t like being put in the hot seat. It makes me very uncomfortable. Not going to happen again.
Tonight will be an evening of giving David his card from Anton along with a couple pairs of underware that where left in the wash in Cape Town. Afterwards we’re going to get something to eat. I’ll probably do some laundry too. I was getting used to having a maid everyday on vacation who did that. Coming back to reality has been more like a crash landing and less like parking in your garage.
I’ve been invited on Sunday to a going away party for Andy Post, who happens to be leaving for San Diego on the next day. That was a bit of a shock to me because I knew nothing about his leaving. You go away for close to three weeks and the world changes.
Ok, enough about all this excitement since I’ve been back. On with life (and work).

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