Friday, April 13, 2007

Hello and goodbye, house warmings and bon voyages!

Ok, can someone help me with my spellings above if it's wrong? Thanks and on to the blog.....

Did I mention I ran out of oatmeal? I need to get more. M&M's just don't do it for breakfast.

Well it’s finally Friday and all I can say is think goodness. It’s been a long exciting week and I’m tired.

We had Rory, Derik and Sheila over last night for a chicken curry dinner. Sheila is Rory’s mother and she just got back from having a fabulous time in Key West Florida. She’s a widow and has taken the opportunity of being single to see the world. Good for her is all I have to say.

We had a great time talking about her trips and our trips and about life in general. And as always happens in Washington DC, we got to politics by the end of the meal. We had done so well for two hours. Oh well.

We did find out the Rory got a job in Cambridge for a company that’s the leader in Bluetooth technology in the world. He’ll be heading up their tax department. He starts the beginning of next month and will be leaving Derik here to fend for himself for awhile. They will be traveling back in forth for a bit. Derik wants to get his citizenship here and stay with Intelsat until he retires in two years. That way Rory will be covered with medical care here if he decides to come back. Intelsat is another progressive company that offers domestic partnership benefits and one of them is retirement medical coverage. Cool Eh?

This weekend will consist of Italian studding this evening, Friday, April 13, 2007, from 5 until 7 and then off to Rory and Derik’s for cocktails and dinner. Well be up in the morning for a little bit of writing on my part, Dave wants to study some more Italian. I can’t do that much Italian in a short period of time. My mind goes into overload and it just doesn’t matter what I’m looking at, I will not get it. Besides, we have a class at 12:30 so I’ll get two hours of it them.

We then have a house warming or something for the evening, I’m not sure what but it’s on Dave’s calendar. Hopefully we’ll be home early and have an early night. I getting too old for these late nights.

Sunday we have the afternoon off but we have a going away for Sheila in the evening from 6 until 8. Then off to eat and bed. A good way to end the weekend. Hopefully I will be able to get some writing and studying in during the afternoon.


Anthony said...

It's 'bon voyage' :-)

Sounds like a busy enough weekend!

Andy's Life said...

:-) Nice. But I can't believe you still think that's an easy weekend. For me easy would be not leave my room for 3 days! :-P