Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Domestic Partner Benefits, who knew?

Ok, I made a mistake on Monday’s blog, it’s Kevin Kline, not Kevin Costner and the movie is called Trade. Andy added a comment mentioning it. Opps.

Eating oatmeal again, apple cinnamon, it’s the only way I can do it. Bleagh. I hope I still get some benefits from it after all the sugar and fake flavoring!

We had the best news at work last week and I’m thrilled. They started offering Domestic Partner benefits. I have been asking for these since I got there and it’s finally happening.

I think what happened is the one of the big wigs here moved to Palm Springs with his boyfriend. He kept his job at my company and is telecommuting and I think his boyfriend quiet his job. So, one of the qualifiers for keeping him at my company had to be that domestic partner benefits be offered so his partner was covered. Also, come to think of it, our CEO just came out recently! totally forgot about that one. I don’t mind how it happened just so long as I benefit too.

We get some of the best medical coverage in the industry, well actually in the US. My company is very generous. Even the girl that works for the insurance company we use doesn’t get coverage like we do.

We also get free Legal services. It’s time for Dave and myself to redo our wills, living power of attorney, medical power of attorney and I think that’s it. It’ll save us a good $400.00 each. Didn’t even know we had this one.

Another one I didn’t know we had is World Travel Assistance. We get this at no extra cost. All you do is call them, no matter where you are so long as it’s another country or 100 miles away from where you live and they’ll do Medical services (Locating medical care, Insurance assistance, Emergency evacuation, Transportation for family member or friend, Hotel convalescence, and remains return-icky), Emergency payment/cash assistance., Legal Services, ticket replacement, credit card replacement, baggage assistance. All in all kind of nice to have considering how much we travel.

We can also get extra Insurance; I can get some for me and then get some for Dave too. It’s amazing that we can do all this considering that there is nothing like domestic partner benefits in the US. I’m very excited about getting this all together and handed into HR. Dave is coming down to my office this afternoon and we’re going to get everything notarized.

Been busy working too! Not as interesting though.

Went to bed early last night, I was just plain tired and it’s still cold here. Feel like a million bucks today. Ready to face the world. I will work out today too.


Anthony said...

You've got it sweet! Now only if you can find a way of getting the SAME benefits and NOT having to work!

Andy's Life said...

That's really cool! Not bad for a republican organization :-)