Monday, April 2, 2007

Dave is Officially Back!

And I’m so happy. He got in safe and sound on Friday. He wasn’t home for more than a couple of hours before I had him out on the town for dinner.

I wasn’t cooking.

We went to Hank’s oyster bar around 7 and it was already filling up. We sat in the back and I had fried oysters and peel and eat shrimp while Dave had coriander encrusted tuna. Very, very good food but the sticker price after Cape Town was a bit of a shock. I picked up the bill after Dave looked at it in amazement. I told him just not to think about it and that he would get use to the prices again soon. Not that that’s a good thing.

Little David came for a glass of wine and then we went to Cobalt for a drink, we didn’t stay long. We where home and in bed by 11.

Saturday was quite a full day. After puttering around the house in the morning we went to our Italian class at 12:30 for two hours. We then went for messages at Deluka’s at 3:00. After that Brett came over and we headed to Rory and Derrick’s place for a cocktail party honoring Sheila’s (Rory’s mother) return from Australia. That lasted from 6:00 until 8:00 at which point we go over to Rick’s place to help celebrate Rick’s birthday. Dave stayed until about 10 and just couldn’t make it and more so he went home. I left with Tony and Kiat later and forced Tony to stop by Alberto’s pizza on P Street.

Home, eat pizza, bed. In that order.

Sunday was spent trying to get Dave’s computer back onto the new wireless network I set up. I spent most of the morning and much of the afternoon working on it. Dave went off to the gym while I fixed it.

I got a call from lil’David (as he’s beginning to be called) that he wanted to come pick-up some of the books that we gave him so I said come on over. Then I get a call from Alex that he and Gustavo are on their way to the house after house hunting (Alex is going to move back to the states from London). They both work for Untied as flight attendants and worked the same flight from London to Washington. It was a bit of a treat for us because Gustavo stopped coming to Washington and we only see him when we go to London. The timing was perfect, lil’David showed up and then the London boys showed up and they finally got to meet. You can only hear about someone so much without meeting them. So when it finally happens it’s really fun.

Lil’David left after a bit to change for the BB-Q that we were going to at 6:00 so the London boys stayed and we had coffee until Dave showed up.

We then headed over to lil’David’s house to see where he moved to. Very nice, close-in to town, two bedroom flat. So at this point it’s Alex, Gustavo, Dave, lil’David and myself at the flat. Lil’David had invited Ken to come by and look too, Ken in turn invited Brett (who is an ex of Gustavo). Brett has no idea that Gustavo is there and when he shows up and sees him, well let’s put it this way; I’ve never heard Brett squeal like a 9 year old girl before. So next shows up Kiat and Tony with Rick in tow. I think that only Kiat and Tony and Dave and myself had invites, everyone else was an invite of an invite or an invite of an invite of an invite. We’ve got quite a group now and head over to Rob and Carlos’ house for the BB-Q.

It was a very nice BB-Q with lots of cute boys everywhere. At one point Gustavo points out that he’s a 3 tier invite, which was true and quite funny. I got to catch up a little bit with Jimmy and Berry, it had been way too long since I’ve seen them. Alex is smart and leaves the party at 7:30 because he has to work the flight back in the morning. So does Gustavo but as he said “I’ve woken up” so he stays and proceeds to get drunk. All I can say is that I feel for him this morning. He had to get up at 4:30 to be there in time. We leave and I’m in bed by 10:00. All in all a good weekend.

Dave and I plan on eating vegetarian all this week and not touching alcohol all week (empty calories!) We might have Tom and Genève over with their new baby on Wednesday. They’re in town for a wedding and will be staying with Kiat across the street. It will be good to see them.


Anthony said...

Geez! Again! 2 weekends in a row! What a life you lead. I'm just tired reading it. But what is up with fried oysters? Euw :-(

CKC123 said...

Fried oysters are a southern US delicacy. Kind of like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and sweet iced tea. Strange to UK people, but not as strange as marmite. ICK!!!

Anthony said...

Oh but Chris, I can only agree with you on the Marmite thing! That IS ick!

PS - Happy New Blogsite (well, blogsite move). When's the blog-warming?

Andy's Life said...

Hehe, so all in all, life is not that much different with Dave around, except you have someone to cuddle with at night :-) Glad he made it home ok.