Monday, April 30, 2007

Excitement on the 6th floor, or how I spent my Sunday night.

Monday morning, yawn. Not lots happening today so far but I expected it to be a mad house today. Why?

Last night I get a call from my boss. The internet is down at work. We can’t get to our web server and the VPN server is down too. So I take another sip of my wine, because it is the weekend and we just had lil’David, Alex from London and my mother (who is in town visiting) over for dinner, and ask Dave to drive me to work after saying a few choice cuss words. This is 9:30pm.

I’m very happy to say that there was nothing that I could do to fix the situation when we got there. As we got closer to work we noticed flashing lights and as we got to work we noticed about 12 fire trucks surrounding the building. Seems that a electrical transformer caught fire on the 6th floor and they had to turn off the electricity. I wasn’t able to get into the building so I just came home after calling Paul and letting him know what had happened.

Up early this morning. Dress in Jeans and casual shirt, I’m sure I’m going to be doing battle with the Dragon when I get into work….. at 7am this morning. Walk in, look round, what do you know? It all looks good. Every server came back when they turned the power back on, the internet came back. It all came back?? After the last couple of weeks I fully expected to open the server room door to a couple of inches of water on the floor and all dead drenched equipment.

This was just amazing to me.

There is a smell of burning electrical wires in the building but I can live with that.

Now here’s the funny part. I sit down at my desk and Melanie from the London office calls. Seems that they have been evacuated from the office because of a fire nearby. She needs me to send a logo out. How freaky is that, fires at both big ULI locations. Strange.

Anyway the weekend was a great success. We had the most amazing dinner on Saturday night. It was supposed to be just five people and it grew to nine by the end of the evening. We had Jon and John, Tony and Kiat, Todd, Rob, Mom and Dave and myself. Salmon for the starter and lamb for the main. Fresh strawberries on pound cake for dessert. And about 10 bottle of wine. LOL.

Saturday morning started out with getting up at 6am, Italian classes at 8am (Stanania said I’m doing really well), go pick mom up at BWI at 12, stop at the Whole foods on the way home to get dinner for the evening. Get home and start cooking. I finished cooking just a little bit before the guest started arriving at 7PM. It was a very long day.

I’m meeting mom and Dave for lunch in Georgetown today. We going to go have dinner with Brett someplace close by his house tonight. Dave has to pack tonight because he’s going to Jamaica for work Tuesday. I’m working from home on Tuesday because mom is there the whole day. She leaves Tuesday evening. I then will need to plan for the next dinner party on May the 5th. I think Dave gets back on Friday.

Somewhere in there I get to sleep. LOL.

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