Thursday, March 13, 2008

What a Jerk!

I was coming home from FRA to IAD in FC on LH 418 yesterday. There are five of us on the upper deck, quite nice. We have a youngish male FA who seems a little bit wet behind the ears but noting horrible. One of the things he didn’t do that I’ve had other FAs do in FC was come around again with the Champaign again before taxiing, I did ask and got some more but didn’t really think I should have to ask. I’m ok with this at this point because I see he’s trying and it might be one of his first times doing this. I figure they know it’s a light load in FC so they can let him train with the five people there. To me not a really big deal.

But to the guy behind me, OMG!!!

We start Taxiing and all of the sudden I hear a very loud (yelling) conversation between the passenger and the FA (really at the FA from the passenger). Seems the young FA had tried to do his job and take the passenger’s (we’ll call him BUJ (big, ugly and jerk) from now on) nuts and glass. You would think it was the end of the world for BUJ!

He yelled something about how the FA should be working coach instead of first class and that he wasn’t fit to be serving in first class. All very loudly so that everyone could hear it.

I was in shock, I’ve never heard anyone talk to anyone else like that. Especially in the pitch and tone that was used. There was venom and hate in everything BUJ said.

One of the reasons I like FC on LH is because it’s easy and relaxing and I don’t have to deal with stress. This altercation caused me stress. I was happy when it ended and it looked like BUJ had gone to sleep.

Dinner service commenced and it was all fine. I did have to ask for more wine again but once he figure it out I didn’t have to for the rest of the flight. (Another perk of FC is a never end wine glass if you want it). I then watched a movie.

And then BUJ did it again!

I was watching the movie when I thought that’s a strange sound track coming through, sounds like someone yelling. I then take my NOISE Canceling head set off to listen to BUJ completely bitch out the head purser for, I would say, about 10 minutes. I was close to getting up and telling BUJ to shut the **** up, you’re ruining my flight.

He then passed out for the rest of the flight, thank god.

There was absolutely no reason for this behavior. My travel companion said to me after the first bit of yelling that he knew everything he needed to know about BUJ from the outburst and that he wasn’t a very nice man.

There was a bit of justice at immigration at IAD. Our flight was late and we all showed up between shifts so there was only one person working US citizens. I was close to the front so I got through relatively quickly and got my luggage right away. BUJ was quite a way back in the line and looked like he was about to have a stroke he was so unpleased.

Where do these people come from?

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Anthony said...

I've seen people like that. Complete C*&£$!!!