Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Washington in the spring time.

I love Washington, it’s become very comfortable for me and my partner. This is amazing in that we considered moving to Washington about a two year obligation with plans to move on to the west coast afterwards. That would have been eight years ago if we had followed through.

Everything we need is within walking distance. I walk to work, Dave does too. We have an airport that will take us anywhere in the world that is only about Thirty five minutes away. There are so many restaurants here, we could try one every night and still not go through them all in a year. And these are only the ones we can walk to.

We love it, but….

why is it all of the sudden I’ve started to get really, really horrible allergies in the last two years? I’ve never had allergies in my life, either that or I was just too stupid to notice I had them. Then “whammo” last year it started. I hoped it would be a one year kind of thing, but noooo.

So I thought I had bronchitis, and then realized it wasn’t as bad as bronchitis but just an all over tired, achy, coughing up chunks malaise kind of thing. In other words, what most of my other friends have been complaining about since I moved here, I now have it.

I’ve spent the better part of the last three days in bed. I have gone to work only to leave early because of how bad I felt. I did workout today because I was feeling guilty after not doing it for so long, but that was a really bad mistake. I feel worse now. I think the only thing to do will be to get some allergy medicine but I hate them, they make my skin crawl and make it hard to pee. Also certain aspects of my manhood decide to shrivel up and hide.

Let summer begin please.

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beatpunk said...

Feel better soon, luv. XOXO