Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday morning blues.

Well I did it. I really did. I made Dave leave JR’s early on a Sunday night. We actually came home and had a good night’s sleep on a Sunday night. (SHOCK and DISMAY!)

I got up and ran this morning, no really, I did. I’ve been at work all morning feeling pretty good, except for the allergies which are still raging.

So we were actually pretty good this weekend. We had a party at Dan’s house on Saturday evening. We played a rather lame board game that was supposed to be risqué. Maybe for straight people in the mid west, or maybe their six year old children. Not so much for a bunch of gay boys who can’t say anything without it becoming a sexual innuendo. The booze and friends were good though. After about three times playing the game we decided to go to the Green Lantern and check it out. We shouldn’t have. All I can say is that It’s a very mature crowd that finds it perfectly ok to walk around in just a jock strap. We drank fast and then left. It was off to bed for us because we had the in-laws coming over for Easter brunch on Sunday.

Easter was fun, and a bit surprising. The first surprise was that the in-laws were there on time. I hadn’t even started cooking because they are always about thirty minutes behind so it caught me off guard when they got to the house two minutes early. There was church to go to before that so I think that might have been the defining factor for the being there on time. The second surprise was how pretty but cold it was outside. We almost decided to have a fire but decided against it at the last minute. One more thing to look after when you have a two year old running about. The third surprise was when they left early. We expected them to be with us until around sevenish but they left around three. We didn’t know what to do with the rest of the afternoon. That’s one of the reasons we ended up at JR’s.

We did another thing that we don’t normally do. We sat in our chairs and listened to music after brunch. Normally we have lots of other things going on and we never just sit. This was nice but I got to see Micky mouse make a run for under the dining room table again. The music was loud, Dave and I were talking and the mouse still came out to take a look around. We thought we had seen the last of him because none of the traps or the poisons had been tampered with. Seems that the smell of freshly cooked bacon just got to be too much for him and he had to come take a look. He stayed under the table as I was looking in disbelief and telling Dave about him, he ran away when Dave tried to get a better look at him. Time to buy more traps.

Friday we went to Duplex Dinner for dinner and ended up at Jr’s again. I again had to be the one of reason (I think) and get Dave to come home. There was a very good reason he wanted to stay and we’ll just leave it at that. I did sleep late on Saturday mainly because of the allergies. I could sleep for most of the day because of this crap.

I have a story about a co-worker and a dentist that I will tell sometime this week but it just doesn’t quite fit in with the blog above but I'll still leave you with this little something.

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