Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Failing apart at 40.

Ok, so it’s been a very long time since I’ve added to this space. There are reasons other than just being lazy. I figured I would bypass one of them and do it anyway. You see I’ve injured my left hand. This is how it happened.

Dave and I were working out about three weekends ago. Nice strenuous workout. Towards the end of it I had my left hand resting on some equipment higher than the rest of my body, that’s when it happened. For some reason the tendon in my birdie(middle) finger decided that it didn’t like the position that it was in and that it wanted to be closer to its neighboring knuckle.

I made a noise somewhat like a whimpering school girl and just looked at my hand thinking “this really, really doesn’t feel good, how am I going to make it stop not feeling good and how do I do it quickly?” So I took my right hand and pointing finger and moved the tendon back.

Problem solved, pain gone all is good in the world again….Right?

Wrong, it went out another six of seven times that day. It got to the point where I just didn’t want to do anything with it. So the next day with it still going out I go get some medical tape and tape my middle finger and my pointing finger together. This immobilized my finger. It’s also made it quite hard to do things like, oh say, TYPING!!

Hence not updating this blog. This takes forever for me now and lots of typos that hopefully I will correct before I post it.

So I end up going to my doctor for a regular check up. I had taken myself off my meds (high blood pressure and cholesterol) because I’ve been running and losing weight and mostly behaving myself. The doctor wanted to make me the poster child for the office. My blood pressure was that of an athlete and my cholesterol was a little high but not that bad. He tells me to keep it up and by the way why are your fingers taped up? I tell him and it’s an orthopedist visit for me next. Ughhhh.

Off to the Orthopedist I go a week later. Got in kind of quick so I was happy. I saw the doctor, told him the story and he looks me in the eye and says “we’re going to have to treat this aggressively”.

Aggressively, WTF?

He saw that look in my eye that said, I don’t think so and then backed down a little bit. He said that I had done exactly what I should have done with taping my fingers and that we should leave it like that for 6 weeks. If/ When that doesn’t work we can put me in a cast for another 6 weeks. If/When that doesn’t work we will need to have surgery and put you back in the cast.

He wants to put me in a cast sooner than that but I’m going to Cape Town this Friday and I’m not about to go there in a cast for 16 days. So when I get back I have and appointment to see the doctor again. I do also have a good supply of medical tape and feel a little bit like Michael Jackson with his taped fingers.

I’ll try to keep this updated but like I said earlier, typing really sucks now.

Cape Town here we come!!!!!!!!!


Anthony said...

Have a great time in CPT!

Andy's Life said...

Eeeww! So did he say what was causing it? Safe Journeys!