Friday, October 19, 2007

Travel, travel, travel.

Here is my schedule for the next two plus weeks. Ugh..

Leave for Dulles at 6am on Sunday the 21st for a 8:30am flight to Las Vegas. Staying there until the 28th.

Catch plane from LAS to Palm Springs to sort out our corporate secretary’s internet access. 28th throught 31st. Paid for by work think you very much.

Leave Palm Springs for LAX on the 31st to set up new LA office. Work Thursday, Friday and Monday and come back on the 6th.

Weekend with Dave in LA.

I was supposed to be back on the 28th, 29th and 30th but they decided to send me to Palm Springs.

I will have 50089 points after this. Just making gold by the skin of my teeth.


Anthony said...

Well there could be worse places to be for work! Try some of the places I had to go like Azerbaijan!

beatpunk said...

I think we should all go to Azerbaijan. That'd be hot.