Monday, October 15, 2007

I'm tired!

I’ve gotten a few messages about not updating my blog, so here we go.

Friday night we took L’Alex out for his birthday at Monsire. It was a nice little dinner and everyone left with a full belly. We didn’t go out because we had to get up early the next morning to drive to a birthday party in North Carolina.

It was a five hour drive down there on Saturday and 5 hours back on Sunday. The surprise was that the party ended at 8. I suppose this was going to happen considering that Ivy just had an emergency c-section two Wednesdays ago and the baby was still in the neonatal care unit. That and the fact she had to “pump” her breast for the new baby at 8. (I wasn’t sticking around for that one) I was surprised that they still had the party to tell the truth. We ended up going back to the hotel room and watching the Simpson’s move on pay per view afterwards and got home kind of early on Sunday.

The weird thing is seeing all these people that I spent my twenties with turning 40ish. We starting tell stories from college and our younger years. It was just bizarre. I still think of myself at 20 something, and I’m not. It’s better than the alternative I suppose.

On our way home, L’Dave asked us to come pick him up in Alexandria. He had spent the night there with a friend after going dancing all night. We ended up going back to our house and drinking wine on the roof until it was close to time to go to dinner at Derek’s house that evening.

So to put everything in perspective, we had a birthday dinner with L’Alex on Friday night. Got up on Saturday and drove 300 miles to Durham for a BBQ\Birthday from 3:30 until 8, watched a movie, got 8 hours sleep, drove 300 miles back to DC, picked our friend up and went back to our house for wine on the roof followed by dinner at a friend’s house.

All in a typical weekend at Crave’s

This week I’m getting ready for the Fall meeting at work. I’m trying to get some computers set up and shipped to LA for the setup of the office there. I’ll be in Las Vegas from the 21st of October to the 28th for the fall meeting. I’m back in town for two days and then I’m off to Los Angeles to set up the new office out there. I’ll finally be home on November the 6th. It’s all such a whorl wind. While I’m in LA I’m going to have dinner with some friends who live out there and Dave should come over for that.

Once we get back we have a 60th birthday bash to go to on the 10th of November and on the 11th we’ll be having a dinner party in honor of L’Dave’s love interest from South Africa who is in town for three weeks. Oh, and we’re going to London for Thanksgiving.

Luckily we staying home for Christmas, I might get some rest then but probably not. The family is supposed to come visit then.


beatpunk said...

Thanks for the ride home yesterday! XOXO

Anthony said...

Y'all make me tired! You're such social butterflies, innit ;-)