Wednesday, October 31, 2007

LA bound

Well, I’m at the Palm Springs airport waiting for my flight. I changed to an earlier flight for a few reasons. My checkout was at twelve anyway so it just kind of made sense. That and I had a stalker that wouldn’t leave me alone in the place I was staying.

Onward and upwards to new locations.

I’m really ready to be home to tell the truth. As it looks now I will be back in DC on the 7th but…..

The LA office might not be ready then, they’re having a few issues with the phones and network. I will be able to set up the computers but we need to make sure the internet works and the VPN is up and running. I might be in LA a few more days then I wanted. UGH!

I use UGH a lot lately.

I want my bed and my boyfriend in my bed.

When I get back we already have a very full weekend. I forget what happens Friday night but I know it’s something. We have a good friend’s 60th birthday on Saturday and on Sunday we’re having a dinner party for David and Anton. Anton is from Cape Town SA visiting L’David. I was going to ask for Monday off but I don’t think I’ll be able to do that after being away for so long. I’ll just have to behave myself on Sunday night.

Last night, Tuesday the 30th was nice. I took Simon and Jeremy (visiting Palm Springs from the UK) to my Corporate Secretary’s house out in the dessert. It’s an amazingly huge house that they just had build right outside Palm Springs. It was perfect.

The boys always wanted to see a huge USA house out in the dessert and we showed it to them. Lloyd pulled out the stops with Filet and shrimp. We ate outside by the pool and looked at the stars (the ones in heaven, not the ones walking the streets). It was just perfect. I behaved myself because I was driving so I have three drinks over a four hour period.

I think the boys were just gob smacked. (British term here)

When I got back to the room I just went to bed, it’s been a long two weeks.

Got up this morning and just took it easy. I was going to work out but just decided to chill instead. I packed, called the airlines to change to an earlier flight and then said goodbye to the boys. I have to say I was quite sad saying goodbye. They are the kinds of friends that you only see once a year or so but you pickup exactly where you left off.

Now for the LA experience. We’re going to have dinner with Mike and Gary tomorrow, Thursday NOV the 1st in their Hollywood hills home.

I might be working the weekend, we’ll see.

Until next post, take care.


Anthony said...

Stalker! Sounds exciting. Do tell ;-)

Anthony said...

Long time no blog. The blogging world is missing you!

Anthony said...

Has this blog died?