Sunday, October 28, 2007

What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas!

Ok, so now let’s just talk about Vegas.

What a pit.

Maybe it was because it was work, but I don’t think so.

It’s everything I don’t like about America rolled up into one hideous place.
It’s expansive and expensive, it’s tacky, it has the whole of Middle America visiting it. They are taking pictures of the fake Paris with no one wanting to see the real one.

The native girl sitting next to me at the info desk (actually more like old hag but that’s another story) keep going on about how great this city is. Did you see the piazzita san marko? She asks me, it’s just amazing. I then realize that she talking about the fake one in the Venetian, the one with the fake outside sky. I did say yes I had seen it but the real one was much more impressive. Ugh, that’s the way everything is here.

I did have a spa day on Saturday. Started at one and didn’t finish until six thirty. That was ok actuall. But yes again very expensive. A message and facial and manicure and pedicure cost around $600. The Same treatment in DC would be half that price. The message ended up with a happy ending, at the VENETIAN!!!!

Friday I did the strip with some work friends. We went to the Bellagio (sp?) to see the fountains. That was cool. We then went to some of the other casinos around. All I have to say is that if it’s not one of the newer nicer hotels, the casinos are just tragic. Scary Middle America with Middle America middles. Smoking and drinking. I ended up gambling some at Harrad’s on the $10 table. I put in twenty.

I won $120!

I lost $100!

I left with my original $20 and three free drinks, so not really that bad.

I then went back to my room and crashed, my work colleagues stayed up until 8am on Saturday and when I saw them in line for a cab to the airport they said they didn’t sleep at all the night before. That was at 10:30am. I’m so happy I went to bed.

The rest of the week we pretty much stayed at the hotel and worked the show. 6am until 7:30pm every day except Friday when I got to leave work at 1. I did go to the young leaders event on Thursday night. It was at Tao in the Venetain and was pretty cool. Because we were staff and they didn’t think that they had enough drink tickets I had to pay for my first drink. I got a martini; I was immediately $18 poorer.

Holy Jesus batman!

Luckily, or not, my boss came through before I needed another one and handed out the tickets to staff. The event was from 7 until 9. At around 15 to 9 we decided it was time to use the rest of the tickets, and we now had lots. I think I had three martinis before this. So we go up to the bar and order shots, we don’t do shots here but I can make you a martini sized lemon drop shot.

We bit.

I don’t remember about an hour of stuff. When I saw the girl I was working with the next morning I asked here where she was the night before I missed her. She was like “you said hi and we talked for a long time” I was like, Shit. One of my other friends walked be back to my hotel room. I came too during that walk.

But I wasn’t the worst.

This other girl that works for my company tried to and succeeded on grabbing a bottle of gray goose vodka from behind the bar. She had it for about five minutes when they discovered she had done it. She got thrown out of the bar and was marked with a black sharpie X on her wrist.

Didn’t make me feel so bad the next morning about my predicament.

I guess what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

I’m not coming back though.

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Anthony said...

$600? As in USD$600?

Not only did you get your treatment, you got taken for a ride!