Tuesday, January 8, 2008

211lbs, WTF

Well I guess it just goes to show that things can change very fast when you have a body mass like mine. Today I weighed myself in the morning and after working out, 212lbs and 211lbs respectively.

So, I guess I’m going in the right direction and that the day of rest on Sunday had everything settle for a bit. I just had to get it moving again.

I walked home the long way last night. By the time I got home my legs where wobbly. I didn’t help that I have a huge head cold going on right now. When I got home I cleaned a little bit and then put some of our left over gumbo in the microwave just in time to see that I had gotten a call from a friend who wanted to go out to dinner. I had to call had give him a rain check. I didn’t want to be around people while I felt that contagious.

It’s much better today.

I ended up taking some cold medicine and watching some movies. I was in bed by 9:30 and up at 5:30 this morning feeling much better but still having the sniffles. Here is the morning routine:

  • · Get up and go down stairs to the kitchen to make coffee. It's Tuesday so it’s trash and recycle day. Empty the trash cans and recycling bin and place in the appropriate place for pick up while I wait for the coffee to brew. Pick up news paper while doing this.
  • · Drink coffee and check emails. Wait for coffee to “work”
  • · Coffee starts to “work”, go to bathroom, read news paper and get cleaned up.
  • · Get dressed, pack workout clothes for gym at work in backpack.
  • · Make oatmeal, do stomach exercises while waiting for it to finish cooking.
  • · Eat oatmeal and head out the door. Leaving by 7am.

From here I take the long 5 mile walk to work. I’ll take the same walk back tonight.

So, here’s hoping all the work begets some results.


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