Wednesday, July 4, 2007

10 Year Anniversary, or 4th of July

I’ll pick the 10 year anniversary over the other.

Today 10 years ago in on a small island called Key West Dave and I meet. It was only supposed to be a very short term thing and we're still together.

We met in a bar ( I know, I know but hey…. It can work) and that night was supposed to be it. The next day we got together and had a great time. Dave was there (key West) visiting form the Cayman Islands using up an airline voucher that was about to expire. I had just been to a company pick-nick that got rained out and had gone home. I decided that I didn’t want to be home alone on a holiday so I got dressed and headed out to the local bar Bourbon St.

I thought it would be dead, who in their right mind would go to Key West in the middle of the summer. Turns out lots people did. It was packed, totally nuts to butts packed. I didn’t want to be alone but I didn’t want a huge crowd either. So I looked around and saw a seat at the back bar that was open. I quickly grabbed it and then ordered a beer. I then looked at the guy next to me (Dave) and said hello. He then answered with a heavenly British accent.

That was all she wrote.

I learned how to scuba drive and then went to the Cayman Islands to visit Dave. This was the first time I had ever been outside the US. We had a blast. I did the turtle farm with Dave along with some of the best scuba diving in the world.

After this we talked almost every day. Cayman is very expensive to call but luckily Dave worked for the phone company there so he could make cheaper calls if not free.

We both had made plans to move from our perspective locations, me to Charlotte, NC and Dave to Washington, DC. I had already moved up to Charlotte when Dave came for an interview in DC. I was at a family reunion in the mountains of NC and had decided that DC wasn’t that far away so I would drive and come see Dave. After about an 8 hour drive I showed up. Dave thought that was the most romantic thing every. I guess you could say I got lucky that night.

Dave got the job in Washington and I had a job in Charlotte. We did the long distance thing for about 2 and ½ years until I couldn’t take it anymore. I told him I was coming up and bringing my two dogs. That was close to 8 years ago. Lots has happened since then.

We still like each other.

Dave has shown me the world. Sydney, Cape Town, London, Venice, next up Rome.

Dave now works at home and I’m the one going into the “Real” job every day. I did think it would be the other way around.

It all just kind of works, very strange really for something that was never supposed to work at all.

Tonight we’re going to the Inn at Little Washington. This is one of the best restaurants on the East coast if not in the US. It’s about an hour outside DC in Washington VA. We’ll be staying nearby in a B&B that is owned by friends of friends of ours. It’s way too expensive to stay at the actual Inn. We fully expect to spend at least $500 on dinner alone tonight. It better be good.

Did some Italian today and will finish my home work tomorrow for the upcoming weekend class. We’ve decided to double up on it during August before the actually trip. And to do it during the week.

Dave will be gone next week to Jamaica for the whole week. I have a physical on Wednesday of next week. I figured I turned 40 I better get it all looked at. Dave comes back for the weekend and then we both leave for the next week. I have a business trip to London. I need to get that office ready for the move to the off-site location coming up. When I get back from London we then go to Newburn NC for my family reunion. The next weekend will be the move of the servers to the off-site. Hopefully August will calm down a little.

‘till next time.



Andy's Life said...

Congratulations!!! Evidence that fags CAN commit :-D I love you guys so much.

Anthony said...

And congratualtions from London! I'm really happy for you both. Will you have a chance to catch up while in London, Dave?Happy 4th of July, too!

beatpunk said...

Happy Anniversary, boys! Lots of love!