Saturday, October 25, 2008

Miami Trip Day One.

Well this started off well. I’m on my way to our annual fall meeting. I went to bed early and got up early for this. This time it’s in Miami. I usually fly United or USairways when I travel by air because I like my points. This trip I’ve had to go American airlines. Reason being is it was $200 compared to $400 on my preferred airlines. It’s also out of National airport which is much closer then Dulles.

Being the good boy that I am I got to the airport 2 hours before flight time, which was 12 noon. I checked in and was offered an upgrade for $90 bucks. For me that’s well worth sitting in the front of the bus for a two hour flight so I took it. I proceeded to check my bag in and go through security. I settled myself in at the RCC after a failed attempt to access the Admiral Club (American airlines lounge) and started surfing the net. I then get an alert saying the plane has been delayed. I’m in the Red Carpet Club which is very comfortable so I’m not too worried. I update my computer and then restart to check my email. The next thing I know the flight has been canceled.


I call American and they put me on the next flight at 3:05pm. Not happy about that. I ask about my bags and the woman said that it would automatically be on the next flight. Now because I do not trust these people I go over to the American lounge and check. I saw that there was an earlier flight so I asked to be on it. The woman was quite nice and told me she would try but that I need to go pick my luggage up and recheck it.


Recheck my baggage? United never made me do this. Seems that they do not have enough ground staff to figure out what to do when I flight is canceled so they just make you do it.

I then made a mad dash to the baggage claim and picked up my bag. Then ran back upstairs and went to the outside-curbside to recheck it. “Sir, it will not let me do it from here. You have to go back inside and do it”


So inside I go and all of the sudden it’s really busy. Luckily the girl at the American lounge gave me priority access boarding pass which gets me in the first class line. Thank God! I’m sweating bullets at this point because I think I’m on standby for the earlier flight. I finally get my bag checked in and run back to the American lounge. The girl their confirms that I’m not on the earlier flight but that I’m confirmed on the 3:05 flight and she put me on the wait list for first (I’ve paid for it). She then tells me that if it doesn’t go through I will have to ask for a refund form at the gate.


So now I’m at Friday’s having a 500 calorie meal and a beer writing this. And I haven’t even started my journey. I still have five days ahead of me. If this is the way the trip goes I will not be a happy camper.

At least I’m now staying at a place on the beach in Miami. That counts for something. I was supposed to be there for work tonight but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I will check-in and find a store nearby where I can get some breakfast supplies and fruit. I haven’t gotten to this weight by eating crap.

PS. I’m having the healthy meal at Friday’s, which is hard to do really. At Friday’s anyway.

Tomorrow I’ll fill in a little bit more about the trip. I’m not expecting great things to tell the truth.

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Anthony said...

If you paid for First, why couldn't you use the AA lounge?