Tuesday, September 23, 2008

And he's back.

Well let’s see, have I been busy since the last time I wrote here?

The answer is a resounding, YES!

I just dropped my mom off from a weekend that was a great success. She got in on Friday night and we went to Café Trope for dinner. It was nice and we got to visist for a bit. I do have to say that driving to Baltimore international airport on a Friday going through the city is about as much fun as being racked in the neither regions. It took about an hour and thirty five minutes to get there. I’m glad I left at five thirty for a seven ten pickup. As it was, I didn’t have to pay for parking because I was there under thirty minutes. We ended up just eating and then going to bed. We had a big day planned for Saturday.

You see my mother wasn’t the only mom in town. Dave’s mom is here from England, this is the whole reason we had a dinner party on Saturday night. The party was for eight with another joining us for dessert after. Here’s is what we had.

Watermelon salad with feta cheese, fennel, Arugula, toasted hazel nuts and a balsamic dressing for the starter.

Chicken Marbella marinated from the night before in a prune, olive, caper brown sugar, white wine and balsamic vinegar mixture. This was served with fresh fettuccini with a garlic, shaved almond, and olive oil sauce topped with poppy seeds. We also had a little cream spinach I whipped up.

For dessert we had a flourless chocolate torte with a fresh raspberry sauce and whipping cream with vanilla beans.

It was a huge success. Mom and I ended up staying on the roof talking after everyone else took off. Dave had to take his mom back to the burbs and all the other guys went out to town (the club).

The next day we had brunch at the Beacon bar and grill. This time it was the whole family, brother and sister-in-law and the baby. Sunday just turned out very nicely as did the whole weekend.

I had to take mom back to BWI yesterday in the afternoon but that wasn’t bad at all. I went to work that morning and listened to a presentation on VMware on the desktop and then meet Dave and Mom for lunch. I then dropped her off, went back to work and actually found parking right outside the building. That never happens.

I was a bit sad to see mom go, we had such a good time together and she so enjoys it up here.

This week I’m having dinner with Kiat at the Saint Regis tomorrow, having dinner with our friends Rob and Carlos on Thursday. Friday there is something to do but it’s date night so I’m not sure we’ll do it. Saturday we have three parties to go to. I think Sunday will be a go see a movie in the afternoon unless of course one of our friends shows up from the UK, which happens.

On another note, I’m finally feeling close to 100%. I’ve had a throat blossom in the back of my throat where my right ear drains into my throat. Now it only bugged me every so often so I thought it was allergies. Well we ended up going to the doctor for another issue and he put us on antibiotics. The back of my throat has almost cleared up completely. Seems I’ve had this thing for two or three months and just felt down the whole time but being me refused to accept that and still worked out and hung out with friend. All I have to say and now I feel like my old self again. Next time I know what to do if it happens again.

Our next trip it the UK in November together, I might have to go to Miami for work in October. We will then go to Buenos Aires for Christmas and Cape Town in October. There might be a New Zealand trip in there somewhere, we’ll see.

I think that’s enough to write for my come back. I’ll write about the restaurant on Thursday.

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Anthony said...

Welcome back! You've been missed