Monday, April 21, 2008

Wine tasting at our house, what fun!

Ok, so I’ve worked out today and ran three miles in the morning so if this doesn’t make that much sense it’s because I’m tired. This being healthy can really get to you.

We had a lovely party on Saturday night. We invited ten people to come over to our house for nibbles and a wine tasting. We decided since we had brought back some great wines from South Africa that we would have said wine tasting and invite some of our more mature, wine loving friends over to taste a couple of our bottles. Because we’re not too far gone in the smarts department we requested that our friends bring over a nice bottle of wine with a catch, there had to be a story to go with it.

We ended up with 14 bottle of wine for twelve people. The stories ranged from “I used to drink this with a girl friend who was a writer. She put me in her novel she was writing while we dated but unfortunately we ended up breaking up so in the book I die.” (Decent white wine with that story) to our friend SIP who is very interesting individual herself. She grew up in Iran but has lived here for a good long time. She owns a wine store and carries all kind of fabulous wines. She has one wine called SIP. Turns out that when she was a little girl she had smuggled some grape buds from Iran to California (It might have been France) and it might have been the other way around. It was getting fuzzy by that point. Anyway SIP now has ninety acres of grapes planted somewhere that she had smuggled in from somewhere else and now has a wine named after her. Cool huh? One of our other friends brought over some desert wines that actually where created from grapes from their vineyard. Now that is neat.

Names have been changed above to protect the innocent, errr, well, maybe not innocent but definitely so they can’t be identified from this blog.

We had a hard time at the beginning of the tasting squeezing out twelve tasting glasses of wine for everyone but we did it. By the time we got to the 10th bottle we had wine left over in the bottles. Seems that everyone just wanted smaller and smaller tastes as the night went on. After the tasting we ended up going to the roof deck drinking more wine and sat there until about 1:30 in the morning. I was a little bit worried about two of our friends who stayed till the last. They drove home and we really don’t think they should have, we had them call us when they got home so we could sleep that night knowing they were ok.

We got up the next day and didn’t feel all that horrible. I believe that a wine hangover is so much less damaging then a vodka one. In fact we felt good enough to go work out for two hours in the afternoon. At the end of the workout we just looked at each other amazed that we had done it. After that we meet up with some friends to see their house “project”. (More of a nightmare really) They purchased this house three years ago and slowly found out that the whole thing needed to be torn out and built out from the ground up.

Could you imagine?

They had to take out all of the innards. All the way down to the ground. The brick is so old that they can’t put in support beams so they had to go under and create footings in the basement in which to attach the main floor. Pretty much everything is brand new in the interior and only the shell is original but it will need some work too before they’re done. Supposedly it will be finished sometime in mid-summer but it was hard to see with only the skeleton of the rooms up at this point. I wish them luck.

We then went to another friend’s house for wine and then went to Duplex dinner for dinner. And shock of all shocks, home and to bed before 10. This is why I was able to get up and run this morning and why I’m tired right now too.

The next big event is taking Dave to the airport on Thursday for our London trip. I’ll be joining him the next week.

Merry ole England here we come!

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Anthony said...

Wine tasting .. now that's a good night :-)