Monday, August 20, 2007

What a weekend!

Well we keep doing it, good on Friday and then BOOM!

Of course this time we facilitated it by having a small (30+ish) party on Saturday night. I’m not sure but I think we went to bed around 3ish on Sunday morning. It was great fun but it was also very drunken.

We should have just stayed in bed the next day, but no…. It was brunch time and Lil’David was bringing over the Champaign. So We had Evegenny, Cole, Jason, David, David, Craig Dan and myself getting slowly toasted again. Mind you, one glass of mimosa after the drinking done the night before was all it took. We sat around talking shit for about three hours.

Then Dave and I took a nap.

Only to get up and go to Brett’s for dinner and get more drunk. Dear me what a weekend.

So, anyway I’m sitting at my desk really just wanting to go back home and sleep right now. I think next weekend will be just a little bit more tame.


Anthony said...

You certainly have a lot more energy than me!

beatpunk said...

Le mie notti saranno fredde mentre siete in Italia.

Anthony said...

Where have you gone? Been quite on the old blogging these days!

beatpunk said...

You seriously need to update this. You've already been to London and back. You're returning from Italy tonight, and Rehoboth was long ago. Missing you something fierce, David