Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday and it's 100!

Ok, just enough time to update a little bit.

I’m in-between trying to fix my rental bathroom’s leak from above and getting the new Exchange server up and running and trying to port a phone number over to our corporate account. All I have to say is it doesn’t pay to get to work early to do this as no one is open. So I have to wait until 9 before I can get anything done.

So I’m at home yesterday with Bronchitis which I had all weekend but choose to ignore and go out with friends anyway because I’m an Idiot. So it didn’t get better. I stayed at home and took a real sick day which I never do. I usually will work from home if I’m not feeling well. This time I just vegged in-front of the TV and tried to feel better. During this time I would check my emails and this is when I found out that my Rental apartment had the leak. I just wasn’t up to confronting anyone about it yesterday.

So this morning I try to tackle it. The office isn’t open yet. I’ll call after 9 and hopefully someone will call be back. I hate our new condo association people.

I did however get in-touch with AT&T to move one of their numbers from a private account to our corporate account. Turns out to be harder then moving a number from another carrier. Because it’s a private number the person who has the number has to call and give permission for us to take over payment. Once this has happened I have to call and tell them we want to take over payment. They then tell me because he had a local account in GA and we have a national account it will take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to do it. A-FREAKING-MAZING!!!!! So my guy in GA has to wait for another couple of days before he gets his blackberry. I don’t think he’s too happy about that.

Waiting for the new Exchange Server so I can finally build the new instillation and test it before we move it to the off-site location. It should arrive today. I should be busy for awhile getting it up and running. Still, the people that we’re moving over to have this uncanny nack of not getting back in-touch with us or not giving us information that they promise us on time. Not having a good feeling about this.

Ok, off to work again. Hopefully I’ll be able to update this a little bit more regularly.


Anthony said...

Yeah! Thought we had lost you! Hope you're feeling better soon :-)

beatpunk said...

Are you feeling better now? :(