Friday, June 22, 2007

Off to the beach this weekend

We’re off to Rehoboth beach this weekend. Our friends Rob and Carlos invited us down. Kiat and Tony will be there along with little David who is catching a ride from us. We’ll be leaving around 7-7:30 tonight to let all the traffic die down before we go. It’s a mad house getting over the Bay bridge on a summer Friday from DC. It should be good fun.

Dave will be in Jamaica next week for work. We’ll be getting back from Rehoboth late Sunday night and he’ll get up early on Monday and take off. It’s a crazy wild world but someone has to do it.

Today is my day not to touch anything at work. We don’t want to break something because it means that we would have to abandon our beach planes because I would have to work the weekend to fix it. So I’ve been told not to start any projects on Friday and not to change anything big unless we have a working weekend planned.

The hazards of being a computer geek.

Have a good weekend all.


Anthony said...

Missing Spanish class on Saturday?

Hope you have a nice weekend and that Dave has a safe trip to Jamacia!

Andy's Life said...

You know I actually never made it to Rehoboth. Have a fab time! It's sweltering here :-)

Anthony said...

CORRECTION! I meant missing Italian!I was singing in Spanish at the time I was posting the comment


How was the weekend?