Saturday, May 12, 2007

Spring meeting hell, or Chicago in the spring.

Sitting in the Red Carpet Club at O’Hare.

Well, well, well. This wasn’t my average week at all. I’ve been in Chicago all week working our spring meeting, and surprisingly it wasn’t that bad. Although it seems like I’ve been here forever, but that’s because of the five hours sleep every day since Tuesday. Tuesday and Wednesday were quite busy. I ran around and set up all the computers to be able to access our network and our database.

I was also on hand for some of the big wigs meetings. Mainly to make sure things went smoothly. It’s fascinating to hear all the stuff they talk about. Not going into that here though.

Thursday wasn’t so busy in that all the setup was done and there were no more meeting that I need to be in, and I question why I was even there on Friday (today).

I don’t think I mentioned this but I didn’t know that I was going to be here until last Thursday so it was a very last moment kind of thing. I’m glad to be going home now.

Now some thought on Chicago in general. I like the place but I couldn’t imagine living here. I’m not sure what it is but there is just something that’s not quite right.

It might be that most everyone here is large, having eaten in a few restaurants here I understand why. The amount of food served here is beyond belief. There is no reason for anyone to eat a 22oz steak, none. And then if you want some greens you have to order them on the side. I’ve seen this before in places in the rest of the US but in Chicago every other restaurant is like that. It’s also very expensive. Seven of us went to a steak house and it was $800.00, and I only had two appetizers.

Another thing. Why do all the bathrooms have attendants up here. I find this a bit creepy. Someone is paid to sit in the bathroom and wait for people to finish their business, he (men’s bathroom) will then turn the water on for you and squirt soap in your hands and hand you a towel to dry with. Then you reach into your pocket and take a nasty ole paper bill and give him a tip. I just fine it strange that someone is paid to watch you pee.

If you think you have a bad job, just look at what I wrote above and thank god you’re not doing that.

Lastly, everyone smokes and I mean everyone. You can smoke in almost any venue. It’s just strange seeing it after DC banned it in-doors. Now, I am one know to partake every so often (the weekends) but it was just gross.

Oh yea, Chicago has really tall building too. Kind of cool

Don’t stay at the Hyatt Regency on Wacker drive. It’s a dump. That’s where our meeting was. Needed updating badly.

I also didn’t get my upgrade on the way home. Too many people and a full plane of people with status.


beatpunk said...

I am uncomfortable around restroom attendants, too.

Anthony said...

I love Chicago! ANd yes, the Hyatt Regency IS crap! How did you cope coming home in .... ouch ... coach?!