Thursday, May 31, 2007

So, nobody told me……

That the older you get the busier you get.

What’s up with that, I thought you were supposed to slow down? I’m not sure I like this.

First things first. Dave and I now have Andy living with us for a few weeks. He arrived while we were in London with a friend of his; Antony and they had a good time. Unfortunately Antony had to go back to London because of work but has another ticket to come back here this weekend (I know, it’s kind of crazy but he wanted to do it). Anyway poor thing got back home (in 1st class) only have an a cysts start to grow very fast on a certain part of his body. This was causing pain in the extreme so he went to the doctor’s right away.

Emergency surgery!

And he still plans on coming back to DC this weekend after this ordeal, how crazy is that?

Anyway, I’ll get to meet Antony finally after reading his blog for a couple of months now. I think we’ll be walking gingerly around him while he recovers.

We will be having a 40th birthday celebration this Friday. Our friends Simon and John are back in town and it’s Simon’s big 40 so we’re having a surprise party Friday at 5 for him. Hopefully it will not turn into a complete blow out because we have our Italian lesion in the morning and I don’t want to miss it.

Saturday is pretty much clear except for the Italian lesion. We’re having a brunch on Sunday in honor of Simon and John. A friend from the UK was supposed to make it but he’s gotten an ear infection and is grounded. So that’s it pretty much for the weekend to come, now for some stuff about the past last two weekends.

First off two weekends ago was Kiat’s 30th birthday. Can you believe we’ve known each other for over 8.5 years? Isn’t that amazing. I never knew I hung out with such chicken back then. The party was great with a little bit of drama. Seems that the caterers said they would make one drink and then tried to come out with another one when they actually got there. Kiat was not a happy camper. Luckily they mostly fixed the situation. I ended up staying there until about 3:30am. Had a blast and wasn’t too trashed which is always a good thing.

The next day we did brunch and then went to Kiat’s house again. I stayed until about 6 at which point I just couldn’t stand it and had to go home. Bed was calling my name.

I’ll write more about the next weekend and the London trip a bit later. I’m swamped at work right now and my Italian hasn’t been getting the attention it needs in the evenings.


beatpunk said...

Missing you.

beatpunk said...

and your Italian lesions. LOL

Anthony said...

Greetings from my death-bed!

Thanks so much for your hospitality last week, just a pity you weren't there to deliver it!

If you ever need a house boy ... let me know!

Hope to meet you both soon!