Thursday, December 2, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside.

Well it's finally gotten cold. I guess it should be doing that right around now being as it's December the 2nd and all. This brings up the thoughts of Christmas and all the things that go with it. We've only been back from Peru for three days and the list of things to do is just a little daunting. We have nothing to eat in the house really. Dave has a meeting at his rental condo association meeting tonight and I'm going to go to Safeway. I know, exciting right? All the mundane things have just been waiting for us to come home from our holiday.

This weekend we will be getting the Christmas tree. We figured we don't really have anything planned this weekend and the next couple will be crazy so we better do it.

I've got a physical on the 9th of this month. I know, another exciting thing but it really needs to be done. My Aunt died recently of a hemorrhage to the brain at the young age of 62. This seems to run in the family so I will be bringing this up with my doctor. I will need to make a list of other things I want to discuss. Back pain, lethargy, sleeping pills for travel, and other basic health issues a 44yo needs to discuss.

We'll be having a lot of the family over to Christmas. I mom gets in on the 25th and stays until the 28th. We'll have my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, their two kids, her mother and guest, my mom, friends from the UK and us for boxing day dinner. This means I'll be sending Dave out to pick mom up. It also means that we'll have to play Christmas music which will give Dave a twitch but it's not for long.

While my mom is here we'll be seeing my uncle who lives near us. Looks like he might be the next one to pop-his-clogs of my mother's brothers and sisters. So far it was the youngest, the second youngest and my mother is the third in line but I think the healthiest of them all. Mom wants to see my nearby uncle while here so we'll go. He's not one of my favorite people but hey, what do you do?

On the 28th we take mom to National airport for her plane back to Charlotte and we head out to Dulles for our flight to London. We'll be staying for about five nights. I'm looking forward to NYE in London. I think It should be an experience.

So that's the plans so far for the holiday. As they firm up I'll likely be writing more about them and the holiday experience here. We never know what the days will bring.

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