Tuesday, March 10, 2009

WallGreen's hell

This is a compliant email that i sent to corporate. I'm still amazed i had to go through this.

Dear Sirs,

I’m writing this with one hand as I have recently had hand reconstruction surgery. Here is the story and the reason for this letter of complaint.

On March the 9th I go into the George Washington University Hospital for my hand surgery to fix what had been broken the week before in a fall on the ice.

All goes well with the surgery except they had to do a lot more to piece the bone back together. I get out much later then I though I would be. There was more damage then they thought and took them much more time to fix I have a friend take me home and then send him to fill my pain medicine prescription.

Your Walgreen's on 21st an M streets in NW Washington DC is two blocks away from where I live and is also between me and the ER at the hospital so I used them last week to fill my prescription from the initial ER visit.

This time I send my friend to fill the prescription because I’m just coming out of general anesthesia and should not be walking about. He calls me to tell me that the pharmacist will not fill it until she verifies the prescription with the hospital and that she can’t do it that night because it had closed.

The hospital is open 24/7.

At this point I get my discharge papers and walk there myself. I’ve just had major surgery and was not going to go without pain medicine, or so I though. I get there and show her my bandaged hand along with my discharge papers and give her a phone number to call. She still will not fill the prescription. The phone doesn’t pick-up and I leave in frustration hoping that the meds from the surgery will last the night.

They did not and I was up all night in extreme pain. I get to the store the next day at 8am when it opens. The same pharmacist is there and she’s calling the hospital. I’m shaking in pain at this point. She finds out that yes I did have surgery the day before (but didn't believe me) but still will not fill the prescription until she can verify the amount. And she has to do this by fax.

By this point I’m on the verge of tears with pain and frustration. I’m luck in that my doctor’s office is walking distance from home and your store to me. Same as the hospital. I first walk to the hospital thinking they would help and they send me to my doctor’s office.

Once I get there I tell them this story and as I tell it you can see the disbelief in their eyes. The doctor calls the pharmacy in the bottom of their building to see if they had the meds and then wrote me another prescription for that pharmacy.

I go down and try to fill it but my insurance refuses because it says it’s too soon. Your pharmacist had filled it (or put it in the system anyway) and still didn’t give it to me. Luckily the new Pharmacist could back out what your person had done and I finally got my pain medicine.


I’m really trying to figure out what other actions to take against your origination. This was beyond neglect and on the verge of being just plain mean!


chad said...

You should report her to the District of Columbia Board of Pharmacy.

Anthony said...

Hey, sorry to hear about all your dramas. I didn't know you had been poorly :-( Get better soon x