Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bread, the other white meat.

Ok, so do you like bread? I mean really like bread. So much bread that you think there is something else with it but you’re really not sure. And do you like to spend a whole lot on bread? I mean just bread? If that’s the case you will love the restaurant that we just had Estella’s birthday lunch at. It’s a new tapas place in Georgetown on M Street called Bodega.

Not that it was bad, the bread they served as table bread was quite good with the olive oil. Not so much for the bread with the sandwiches, big hard baguettes. Mind you, I know it’s a tapas restaurant but we were there for lunch and needed something fast so we choose one of the lunch “specials” which consisted of all sandwiches.

When they arrived we all looked at them and the first thing someone said was “that’s a whole lot of bread”, and it was! The flavor was great but for $14 I want a little more middle in my sandwich.

We also got Sangria. I know its lunch and all but we decided since it was Estella’s birthday we would indulge. Not that we needed to worry because it was really like drinking cool aid. We all felt a bit ripped off at the end of the meal, where was the buzz? It was $24 for a pitcher between six of us. The pitcher, when it showed up, was about half the size of what we expected, it was refreshing but that was about it.

So all in all what I would call a very disappointing lunch. The people at the table where great but I don’t think any of us will be in a hurry to go back. If you want really good tapas go to Jaleo in downtown DC. Well worth it.

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