Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Coffee talk, err bitch!

Ok, so for the last couple of months I’ve been having an extra cup of coffee at work. I didn’t use to do this but the stress from working got me doing it again. So to get an understanding for my morning I’m going to write down my average schedule.

Get up at 6-6:30.

Go down stairs and start the coffee. Empty the dishwasher from the night before while the coffee is brewing.

Get the news paper from downstairs next to the front door.

Make a cup of coffee and then check work emails to make sure that Europe is doing fine and that there are no other big problems.

After coffee starts to work, go upstairs to the bathroom and start getting cleaned up.

Sometimes I will do some stomach exercises if I have time before the shower so I don’t have to do them at the gym later.

Finish getting dressed and say good bye to Dave and head to work between 7:30 and 8.

I arrive at the office and if it’s Monday I buy a new 1.5L bottle of water, if it’s not Monday I go to my cube and get my bottle from the day before to fill it up in the kitchen with our filtered water machine. While I’m in the kitchen doing this I will get a cup of coffee.

Well the last bit has changed a bit and I’m not sure what happened. I use to come in and there would be plenty of coffee made. I could get my cup and not have to worry about the next guy because there was enough. But not anymore.

I’ve had to change my whole routine in the morning to stop by the kitchen before I do anything else and make a fresh pot of coffee before I even make it to my desk because I know there will not be any there waiting for me. I know this is a small thing but It’s gotten to me the last couple of months.

I know I’m not the first one there to make the coffee and that other people are drinking it but just leaving the pot empty or close to it. What happened to human decencies. Thinking of your brother sometimes. Maybe going out of your way to do something nice for someone that isn’t, oh I don’t know, YOU!!!

It’s not the coffee that’s the problem, it’s the total disregard of anyone else other then one’s self that bothers me. UGH……

I’ve gone to the kitchen late to get coffee before and watched someone leave with two cups in their hands. When I went to the coffee machine, it was empty. It was all I could do not to follow this person out and tell them off. And the thing is, it probably didn’t even occur to this person to even think about making more coffee.

This is what the underlying problem is about, the fact that our society has raised our children to be so damned self centered.

It’s not about the coffee.

But boy would it be nice to see someone else making a new pot of the stuff at work every so often.


Anthony said...

I hear you! It is so rude :-(

beatpunk said...

People suck.